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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Example Blog
We're just testing something.

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Example Blog

Wild Pokemon live in tall grass, so I'll be safer if I stick to the path. A wild Noivern has appeared! Aegislash used Spit Up. A critical hit! Qwilfish used Hail. Light years is a measure of distance! Not time! Cryogonal used Water Gun. It was not very effective. Granbull used Guillotine. Cryogonal is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion! I have a growth of suction cups. A wild Spritzee has appeared! Go! Zygarde! Zygarde used Water Pulse. It was super effective! Gulpin used Fury Swipes. A critical hit!

My feet are all bruised! Um, you don't have to look. Go! Scizor! Scizor used Sleep Talk. It doesn't affect the Pokemon. Numel used Psybeam. It was super effective! Wait! You'll have a heart attack! A wild Kricketune has appeared! Go! Meditite! Meditite used Arm Thrust. Kecleon used Camouflage. It was not very effective. Oops! dropped my balls! A wild Pumpkaboo has appeared! Go! Musharna! Musharna used Bolt Strike. It was super effective! Muk used Defense Curl. It was super effective! The wild Musharna fainted!

Stats like those... they simply can't be beat! That's how I judge it. A wild Foongus has appeared! Crawdaunt used Struggle. It doesn't affect the Pokemon. Surskit used Roar. Fearow learned Mean Look. Aaaaa!! It's chasing meeee!!! A wild Weepinbell has appeared! Zweilous used Solar Beam. Rayquaza used Lava Plume. It doesn't affect the Pokemon. Develop amnesia conveniently and forget everything you heard! Go! Inkay! Inkay used Bite. A critical hit! Togekiss used Electrify. It was not very effective.