Permanent landscape edging by Curb-it

Don’t edge it, Curb-It!

Landscape Curbing - Attractive, Permanent, Functional & Low Maintenance

Curb-it offers a continuous concrete landscape border. Our curbing will enhance and complement your landscape and property. It is the most attractive and functional edging and offers an affordable way to make your landscaping maintenance free. By installing a continuous border, around trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks or property lines, it eliminates hours of weeding and trimming. Your landscape is contained and weeds are prevented from creeping into mulch or rocks by providing a solid barrier. Curb-it will add beauty and value to any yard, home or business.

We will work with you to bring out your yards true potential. Together we will create the perfect design to match your landscape décor and property buildings. Our curbing comes in multiple shapes, colors, stamp patterns, and textures. Please check out our color and style options to see all the available varieties.


  • Increase property value while accenting your home appeal
  • Decrease landscape maintenance time
  • Strong enough to support the weight of your lawnmower – allowing you to put one tire on the curb – and eliminate trimming
  • Contain mulch or rock in beds and out of your lawn and keep the lawn from growing into your beds
  • Existing landscaping will not be disturbed
  • Quick results since most jobs can be completed in one day
  • Rock and mulch can be installed. Make sure to let us know when quoting.


  • Landscape curbing is durable
  • Long-lasting and virtually maintenance free
  • Enforced with a 1/8? stainless steel reinforcement cable that runs through the center to preventing shifting.


  • Create focal points in your yard or commercial landscape
  • Looks and feels like authentic brick and stone
  • Color and style options to create a unique look for your property
Benefits of Curb It - Permanent Edging solutions