Permanent landscape edging by Curb-it

Don’t edge it, Curb-It!

About Curb It - Landscape Curb

Curb-it is a division of Polzin Construction, LLC – Locally owned & operated.

In 2009, Craig and Christine Polzin started Curb-it. The business was started to give homeowners a way to improve home, property or business property values. Curb-it offers a creative and attractive solution to do just that. Our landscape curbing accents homes or businesses while creating focal points in your yard. Besides offering a decorative solution to increase property value, it also solves the time consuming task of weeding and trimming. Let’s face it, in our busy lives, we are always looking for ways to carve more time to spend with our families.

There is great satisfaction in creating this transformation for our customers. It is a quick process that allows us to work with many landowners each season. Most jobs can be completed in one day and your existing landscaping is not disturbed. We also find great satisfaction in how durable and long-lasting our product is. We look forward to meeting with you and working together to create the design for you.

Curb-it is a division of Polzin Construction, LLC